Terms and Conditions

Hello, and welcome to indianapps.bet website. This is our terms and conditions page; it outlines your rights and obligations in using our platform. By remaining on our site and using our services, you agree that you have read and understood indianapps.bet terms and conditions. This page outlines how you will access our platform’s services and content and where a limitation of liability applies. Acceptance of the terms and the usage of our site is governed by indianapps.bet Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service On Indianapps.bet

You are obliged to know the terms within which you are to use our website and its content. Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms,” “Terms of Service”) carefully before using the indianapps.bet website and its services or content collectively.


  1.   Basic terms
  2.   Services and content
  3.   Disclaimer of warranties
  4.   Limitation of liability
  5.   Access to services
  6.   Changes and amendments
  7.   Acceptance of these terms
  8.   Changes to the terms and conditions

Basic Terms

Indianapps.bet exclusively provides this website and is subject to all the site’s terms and conditions. The website’s Terms of Service are prone to regular updates according to our discretion, and we may or may not notify our users of the same. New guidelines, updates, or terms apply immediately indianapps.bet posts them and are incorporated into the site’s TOS with or without notice to the user.

Services and Content On Indianapps.bet

All services and content our website provides are done so entirely at our discretion. It includes but is not limited to app reviews, polls, forums, betting tips, contests, and other features and services on our pages. We may delete, update, or modify any of our services and content with or without notice. All text, logos, numbers, photographs, videos, and other media on our website is subject to our Terms of Service unless otherwise stated.

Bear in mind that the indianapps.bet website and every content provided within its pages are offered to you on an “AS IS” basis. indianapps.bet, therefore, doesn’t bear any responsibility for your use of our content, website, or feature(s). All our site offers is strictly for non-commercial enjoyment and entertainment.

Anything you download from our page(s) should be done purely for a single personal mobile or computing device through the appropriate channels. None of indianapps.bet content should be modified, distributed, republished, or displayed publicly without our written acknowledgment and consent. We hold the exclusive right to withhold such permissions at our discretion.

Disclaimer of Warranties

By continuing to use our website, its services, and content, you expressly understand and agree to all the following statements in full:

  • Any use of indianapps.bet and all within its pages is at your sole risk. Everything the website provides is on an “AS IS” basis. The platform disclaims all warranty types, including implied and expressed warranties of non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, and merchantability.
  • Our website doesn’t make any guarantees or warranties that:
  1. The website, content, or services are what a user is looking for in their entirety.
  2. The indianapps.bet website, services, or content will be secure, uninterrupted, timely, or even error-proof.
  3. The result a user obtains from any page on our website, its content, or other services is accurate, up-to-date, or reliable.
  4. The quality a user receives through the indianapps.bet site for services, content, information, products, or other uses meets their expectations.
  5. Any software errors or inefficiencies will be rectified or attempted to be remedied.
  • That any of the material a user downloads or obtains in one way or another through the indianapps.bet site or services is done solely and entirely at their own risk and discretion. Also, the user agrees to be solely responsible for any data loss or damage to their mobile or computing device(s) due to any such activity.
  • That there is nothing a user obtains from our website, content, or services that creates any guarantee or warranty type unless expressly implied in our TOS.

Limitation of Liability

Users understand that our platform will NOT be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages. They include damages for loss of data, use, goodwill, profits, or any other intangible losses that could occur from:

  • Using or being unable to use or access indianapps.bet.
  • Acquiring, purchasing, or downloading material from our websites when obtaining substitute goods or services.
  • Unauthorized access to or disruptions of users’ data or transmissions.
  • Conduct or statements of any third party on our website.
  • Damages from any other material relating to indianapps.bet, its services, or content.

Access to Indianapps.bet Services

For users to properly access and use the indianapps.bet website or associated services, they must first obtain their internet access and pay any related charges. The user is solely responsible for acquiring and paying for equipment that may be necessary for accessing and using indianapps.bet. The equipment includes but is not limited to modems, routers, or mobile access devices.

Access to services also dictates a user must be at least 18 years and of legal age depending on their jurisdiction of residency to register, use, and claim any prizes on our platform. Anyone below the legal age is NOT allowed to use or gain access to any indianapps.bet pages, services, or content.

Changes and Amendments

We reserve the right to change this agreement or amend its policies relating to the indianapps.bet website at any time and at our discretion. The modifications are effective immediately after posting the updated TOS on our website, after which the revision date is duly stated on the Terms and Conditions page. Users are prompted to accept the terms for continued use of our platform.

Acceptance of These Terms

Continuing to use our website acknowledges that you have read and understood indianapps.bet’s Terms and Conditions. Continued use of our website and its content or services means this agreement binds you to:

1. Uphold Members' Conduct

Accessing and using our website entails upholding the conduct that doesn’t inhibit or interfere with indianapps.bet, other users, and the third parties involved. Hence, a user isn’t permitted to perform the following actions in relation to using our website:

  1.   Harm or attempt to harm minors.
  2.   Invade other users’ privacy and uploading, posting, emailing, or transmitting harmful, racial, abusive, hateful, vulgar, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable content.
  3.   Upload, post, or share material or content for which a user doesn’t own rights or the express permission to transmit it under any law or fiduciary or contractual relationships.
  4.   Impersonate other individuals or entities or falsely misrepresent one’s affiliation with them for malicious gain.
  5.   Intentionally or unintentionally break any law applicable to local or international jurisdictions.
  6.   Use indianapps.bet as a platform to conduct unsolicited or otherwise unauthorized advertising, pyramid schemes, promotional material, or any other form of solicitation.
  7.   Reproduce, download, copy, redistribute, publicly display, or sell any indianapps.bet content or work based on our website, software, content, or services wholly or partially.

2. Conduct Responsible Gambling

We recommend that you gamble responsibly and only for entertainment and that you shouldn’t use sports betting as an excuse to eliminate your financial woes. We firmly maintain that no minor should use our website or be involved in gambling due to coercion or influence from any of our users. Indianapps.bet shall and will cooperate with relevant authorities where such cases necessitate our intervention.

3. Approach Links to Third Parties Carefully

Indianapps.bet may contain hyperlinks directing you to other websites. However, we are not directly or indirectly implying that we approve, sponsor, associate, endorse, or affiliate with any sites unless expressly confirmed herein. Some of the links on our website are “affiliate links,” meaning that Indianapps.bet will receive a commission when a user clicks on them and makes purchases.

However, we don’t examine or evaluate the businesses or individuals behind these websites. It is up to our users to read each of the affiliate website’s terms and conditions before engaging with them. Otherwise, we will not assume liability or responsibility for damages resulting from the transaction(s).

4. Approve the Entire Agreement

This page constitutes the entire agreement between you and Indianapps.bet. It replaces any other prior version of this website’s TOS and manages your whole usage of our platform, service, and access to content. Failure of Indianapps.bet to enforce or employ any right or provision shall not be interpreted as a renunciation. The only way our terms and conditions are deemed invalid or unenforceable is through a judgment in a court of law; otherwise, all our TOS provisions remain effective.

A user may not agree to abide by these terms, so Indianapps.bet does NOT authorize them to access its content and services. Our website may also terminate a user’s password or full use of the site at any time and at its complete discretion for any reason, including violation of the TOS or lack of use altogether.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

We may alter, discontinue, or overhaul our website or any aspect of our pages or services temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice to our users. Users are responsible for regularly checking this webpage to check whether there have been changes to indianapps.bet’s terms and conditions.